High Seas

High Seas

Excerpt from – High Seas (Madelon Smid)

The sound of a plane engine had her gaze jerking upwards. The thrum of the engine came closer. Had Qiang sent up a plane to search for her? She stood, and closed on Sam with a few running steps. He turned just as she launched herself at him. She drove him to the ground. Air rushed out of his lungs in a woof as he hit the sand with her weight on top of him. She wriggled up so she could reach his lips. “Kiss me.” She demanded, crashing her lips onto his. The plane flew over, the sound of the engine faded, as she welded their lips together. Hope escalated. The engine became louder. The plane had banked and was coming back.
Sam grabbed her braid and jerked, pulling her away from his mouth. “If you want them to think we’re lovers, you need to do a better job than that.” He smiled a mean smile.
A second later, she was on her back, his powerful frame covering most of her. His lips settled over hers, his tongue sank deep. One leg pushed up between her thighs, his hands cupped her breasts. His kiss consumed her. She forgot about the plane, about Qiang’s men, her mind blanked and her hormones clamoured. His mouth was hot, and wet and seeking. He pulled passion from her like a miner panning for gold. His tongue swirled around hers, raising a gasp, a panting breath from her. He swished across her lips with expertise and finessed the corners of her mouth, raising bright glints of excitement. Then he went deep, extracted everything she had, felt, wanted, needed.
“That should have convinced them.” He stopped as if nothing had occurred, pushed his body up and stood at the side of her looking down.






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