My Review of Tell It Like It Is by Stanalei Fletcher

Hired as bodyguard for a feisty elderly writer, Shelby goes up against her client’s nephew, one Special Agent Nelson Kane. Shot when the FBI worked another case with Shelby’s employer, Northstar Security, Kane is prejudiced against her, until he sees she’s a consummate professional. Shelby is not only willing to die to protect his beloved aunt, but she also cares for Rosalee, as well.
The chemistry between Shelby and Kane is immediate, building from a bubbling froth to a potential combustion. Each is skeptical of a long term relationship working, but neither can walk away.
Fletcher builds tension by moving the reader from one attempt on Rosalee’s life to the next, as well as intriguing us with the growing connection between her two protagonists. The story includes characters introduced in earlier books in the Northstar series, increasing my interest in reading the others. The author has a flare for writing unique metaphors that grabbed my attention, such as “…his own love life was much the same. Catch and release.” The naturally flowing dialogue makes it a fast, easy, straight-through-to-the-end read. You can have an entertaining time with this book.

No clichés here. Check out Tell It Like It Is, book 5 in Stanalei Fletcher’s Northstar Security series.

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