High Risk

“I’ll never have a better chance to get those files,” she yanked her arm free, rushed past their door and on to the next. Smoke wreathed their faces, flooded his lungs.
Lee exposed the keypad, punched in some numbers and pushed the door open. Rik followed her in, headed for the bathroom, soaked two hand towels under the taps and rushed back to Lee. She already had the drawer unlocked. Gratefully, she accepted the towel and tied it around her mouth. “A pillowcase,” she yelled, lifting armfuls of files from the drawer.

Rik dragged a pillow of the bed and out of its case and held the makeshift duffel open while she dumped the files in. She didn’t close the drawer or lock up. If the fire didn’t reach the room, Radzinski would know his files had been stolen. She wiped away her prints with the wide sweep of her skirt. Rik had taken precautions, touching everything through fabric, and shook his head in a negative when her eyes questioned him. Then he had her hand, was pulling her down the corridor. The companionway was filling with smoke. They raced down two flights of steps to the lower level, started running down the corridor toward the garage. Above something heavy crashed and the yacht gave a grinding groan and listed starboard. Water inched over their shoes. read more

Chronic Challenge

An ‘invisible autoimmune disease’ challenges you, not only with its physical symptoms, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Looking perfectly healthy, but coping with many symptoms that debilitate, you face scepticism from the medical community and your family, and the societal stigmas that come with many of these diseases.

The challenge then, is to seek, then accept your diagnosis, so you can adjust and begin making the changes that will help you lead a full and rewarding life, despite your disease.

The people interviewed for this book, have lived a minimum of ten years with their disease. They offer up advice, tips and anecdotes with which anyone with an autoimmune disease can relate. They inspire, amuse and inform the reader – showing you how to reclaim your life. Their words speak equally to those with disabling injuries or limitations caused by aging, heart disease, or diabetes.

The book offers those with chronic conditions and those who support them a blueprint for making life rich and rewarding again. read more

Reaching High

RG Gribbs stoic head of Safeguard Security International gives little away – not his emotions, thoughts or next action. A retired Ranger he is a warrior to the core. His loyalty is to his country and Jake Ingles, billionaire whom he sees as his saviour. For eight years RG heads up Jake’s security, even as his own company and influence grow. Humbly, quietly he pays back what he considers his debt to society by serving the U.S. Reserves, Jake, and his family and friends. Asking nothing for himself, he creates a Foundation to support the soldiers and families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. His life has a pattern, quiet service with no distractions. So when Jake cuts him loose, saying he needs to get a life of his own, he flounders, caught without a plan.

Tè Zhang trained under the Honk Kong police and secret service, determined to take down Wang, the man who murdered her father and step-mother. When she signs up with Safeguard Security, Gribbs sends her out on a high profile case that catches the attention of Wang, who has been looking for Tè and her half-brother, Anton, for years. Now Wang comes after her.

Protecting one of his soldiers takes precedence, but RG acknowledges Tè isn’t just another employee. The delicate, lethal, highly skilled woman, so far beyond his poor boy Texan roots, has captured his attention and his heart. He suggests the only way to keep Tè safe is to capture Wang and they mount an attack on Wang’s compound in the Gulf Islands. When he tries to keep her out of the action they exchange destructive words that tear them apart. Tè takes part in the invasion and is badly wounded. RG never leaves her side, until Anton forces him away.

Weeks go by, while heartbroken RG has left her, Tè recuperates at her brother’s compound in Hong Kong. Feeling unworthy of her love, because he didn’t keep her safe, RG works tirelessly to track down the escaped Wang and bring him to justice. When he hears that Wang has been sighted in Hong Kong, he contacts Anton and they lay a trap. Wang eludes them. But Tè and RG are back in the same room and no villain, wound or sense of humility can overpower their love. They plan a wedding in Vancouver, where their friends gather to celebrate.

Tè, RG and their friends have destroyed Wang’s mighty empire, taking it apart financially, exposing the corruption to the law and forcing him into hiding. Filled with hate, Wang captures Tè on her way to her bridal shower. Standing alone against a lifelong foe she must fight or die. When RG finds her, he embraces the warrior in her, knowing they will bring all their willpower and expertise to keeping each other and their love safe.
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perf5.000x8.000.inddHigh Seas

The sound of a plane engine had her gaze jerking upwards. The thrum of the engine came closer. Had Qiang sent up a plane to search for her? She stood, and closed on Sam with a few running steps. He turned just as she launched herself at him. She drove him to the ground. Air rushed out of his lungs in a woof as he hit the sand with her weight on top of him. She wriggled up so she could reach his lips. “Kiss me.” She demanded, crashing her lips onto his. The plane flew over, the sound of the engine faded, as she welded their lips together. Hope escalated. The engine became louder. The plane had banked and was coming back.

Sam grabbed her braid and jerked, pulling her away from his mouth. “If you want them to think we’re lovers, you need to do a better job than that.” He smiled a mean smile.

A second later, she was on her back, … read more

High Ground

When Joshua Chandler identifies the hacker attempting to infiltrate his security software, he becomes a target for assassination. A genius, contracted to safeguard government secrets, he concludes a lot of people could see him as a threat. Various government agencies vie to protect him, but he prefers to hire his own bodyguard. When he falls in love with her, he has only one choice. Catch his assassin, so he can focus on winning her.

Catriana Duplessiss, (Cat) hired to protect Joshua Chandler, computer genius, remains professional and distant in order to do her job. An ex-marine, she’s well trained to keep him safe, but pretending to be his live-in-lover puts her rule “never get involved with a principal” in jeopardy. She’s lost too many loved ones to death and refuses to risk her heart again. When her feelings … read more

Climbing High

Billionaire Jake Ingles is the media’s golden boy. The cameras love his fabulous face and form, his high-powered business deals, and daring adventures. On a mountain in France, Jake saves the one incomparable woman he’ll love for the rest of his life, but his fame places her beyond his reach. Siree McConnell, forensic accountant, chooses to live anonymously to avoid the press that caused her father’s death. She refuses to tangle with the gorgeous male if it means stepping back into the spotlight, until he needs her help. Once she uncovers the thieves threatening Jake’s conglomerate, she gives in to her longing to find ecstasy in his arms. But the cost of being … read more


I_am_that_i_am I Am That I Am

A spiritual journey

through the

photography and prose

of Madelon Smid.



41EWG3Z55XL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Smart Women™

Barbara L. Thrasher and Madelon A. Smid


Over 100 women entrepreneurs are featured in Smart Women. Their insights will help you … read more



smart_women_Talk_AboutSmart Women™

Canadian Entrepreneurs Talk About:

  • Making Money
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Self Developmentread more


cherish_these_thingsCherish These Things

Madelon A. Smid

This collection uses literary nonfiction to weave a story around the facts of different antiques passed down in the author’s family. Each piece is associated with a characteristic valued in people, and the characters in the story demonstrate this value. The stories hold appeal for all people who appreciate family relationships and treasures.

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Reflections From The CreekReflections From The Creek

Swift Current City owes its existence to the little creek that meanders through the grasslands of southwestern Saskatchewan. Its shimmering surface mirrored the progress of the last hundred years; through periods of immigration, settlement, prosperity, depression, and war. The creek has reflected thirsty antelope, guzzling steam locomotives, floating mallards, and measured the lengthening shadows of maturing elms. Along its banks, children fish and swim, errant golf balls splash, artists capture its beauty, and lovers stroll hand in hand.

In this collection, Prairie Quills members reflect upon the history of Swift Current, a city stitched to the land by this timeless seam of flowing water.

Madelon both edited and contributed work to this collection. Her short story Options takes a small town prairie girl from the WW II flight training school in Swift Current to England and back home twenty years later. At a time when men returned from war to take over the jobs and women were once again relegated to minimal roles, Edith Akister intends to pursue her options and find her place in the world and the strength to claim it, at last.

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mental_munchingMental Munching

“The Biggest and the Best” – Madelon A. Smid

Tad Moreton is a food network junkie. He decides to enter one of the Network competitions, seeing it as his way to glory and fame. To do so he needs an assistant. But like cooking, life can be messy, and the results we expect are often a disappointment. Not getting what you desire can sometimes be a blessing. Follow Tad through his cooking experiment to a satisfying result.

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tickled_by_the_quillsTickled By The Quills

Anthology by The Prairie Quills Writers’ Group

“Paradise Missed” – Madelon A. Smid

In this humorous story you travel with Barry as he takes sexy Gidget on a dream date to Hawaii. Can things go wrong? You bet. Barry’s weekend of love is full of surprises. Enjoy this romp through the fantasies in a young man’s mind.

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Anthology by the Prairie Quills Writers’ Group

“Too Much” – Madelon Smid

This short story is written through the point of view of a new born baby girl and follows through her life. The humor of a child’s whims, her take on adults and her feelings for her parents are explored with a light satirical touch. It’s a fun read.

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in_the_spirit_of_givingIn the Spirit of Giving

Anthology by the Prairie Quills Writers’ Group

“A Gift of Love” – Madelon A. Smid

In this Christmas story, Madelon explores the multi facets of giving. A gift, once given does not melt away like a snowflake, but like the memory of snow it goes on and on. This story will touch your heart.

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