Climbing High

Climbing High

Excerpt from – Climbing High (Madelon Smid)
She’d become an invisible part of his life. The haunting scent of her part of every inhalation. He constructed a mental image of her, as he pushed open the double mahogany doors to his room. Then he saw her for real, her slender body almost lost in one of his white dress shirts, her hair flowing down past her knees. Like a fawn caught against the forest green backdrop of his drapes, she froze in place, her eyes tracking him.

He moved into the room, half persuaded his imagination had conjured her. But no he would have imagined something realistic, like answering the doorbell and finding Siree standing there fully clothed. The pocket lights in the ceiling shone down on her hair, turning it to living gold. Gold coated the skin that rose from the deep V of his shirt, shone on the slender arms and hands that emerged from the rolled up sleeves. Her shapely thighs and calves hid in shadows, but he could see her dainty bare feet, watched fascinated as her toes curled into the carpet.

His gaze leapt back to her face. He realized he’d been staring, speechless for a lengthy period. She looked uncertain, her eyes falling from his, her arms suddenly crossing in front of her breasts.

“Well …,” she cleared the huskiness away and tried again, “Well, you said you wanted to see more of me.”
The back of the book – Climbing High (Madelon Smid)
Billionaire, Jake Ingles is mass media’s golden boy. The cameras love his fabulous face and form, the press, his high powered business deals and daring adventures. Then, on a mountain in France Jake saves the one incomparable woman he will love for all time, and discovers his fame places her in danger. To hold her, he must escape his paparazzi pursuers.

Siree McConnell, Forensic Accountant, chooses to live anonymously to avoid the press she abhors. She longs for the ecstasy she finds in Jake’s arms, but refuses to tangle with the gorgeous male if it means stepping back into the spotlight.

Now Jake needs Siree to save his corporation and Siree must choose to take that step, in order to aid the man who saved her life and enthralls her heart. But will rescuing Jake put her in greater danger and tear them apart forever?



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