High Risk

High Risk

High Risk (Madelon Smid)

“I’ll never have a better chance to get those files,” she yanked her arm free, rushed past their door and on to the next. Smoke wreathed their faces, flooded his lungs.
Lee exposed the keypad, punched in some numbers and pushed the door open. Rik followed her in, headed for the bathroom, soaked two hand towels under the taps and rushed back to Lee. She already had the drawer unlocked. Gratefully, she accepted the towel and tied it around her mouth. “A pillowcase,” she yelled, lifting armfuls of files from the drawer.
Rik dragged a pillow of the bed and out of its case and held the makeshift duffel open while she dumped the files in. She didn’t close the drawer or lock up. If the fire didn’t reach the room, Radzinski would know his files had been stolen. She wiped away her prints with the wide sweep of her skirt. Rik had taken precautions, touching everything through fabric, and shook his head in a negative when her eyes questioned him. Then he had her hand, was pulling her down the corridor. The companionway was filling with smoke. They raced down two flights of steps to the lower level, started running down the corridor toward the garage. Above something heavy crashed and the yacht gave a grinding groan and listed starboard. Water inched over their shoes.

Synopsis (back cover)
When CIA agent, Lee Morrison, is wounded on a mission in Hong Kong, fate pairs her with ex-patriot Rik Van Doorn, an industrialist with a surprising number of skills. Together they must find stolen American missiles and get them off the market.

Working undercover creates a close relationship, where the risks are high and trust is all important. But Lee and Rik owe allegiance to different countries, and enemies and friends are often interchangeable, so trust is hard won.

Though Lee willingly risks her life for their mission, Rik’s demand she risk all for their love may be asking too much.

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