Over the past two weeks I’ve heard multi times, “I read your blog, but my comments didn’t show up”, or “Your website wouldn’t accept my comment”. This is not good! An email to my tech, some changes in my dashboard and the problem is semi fixed; enough that I can reply to comments waiting since October. Yikes! I discover the algorithm sending me an email link to a submitted comment has stopped working. Believing I am getting no comments I’ve not investigated, instead I sagged with rejection.

No wonder I’ve lost my writing momentum. Without your feedback my conclusion became, “No one is reading me. Is there any point?” I trust this explains why I am addressing the importance of your comments – not just for me, but for every writer. Your interaction is a vital part of the process of putting ideas, through words, into the universe. A writer plants the seed, the reader sees the tender shoot, and waters it with comments. These, in turn, form the bloom. And of great interest to me, both sunshine (good comments) and fertilizer (negative feedback) unfurl the petals.

Writers write for a variety of reasons. My husband will be the first to point out I don’t write to make money. My sisters will say I’m not in it for fame – or notoriety.

I write firstly to inform. It pleases me, that through my blogs, I can share something I’ve learned, a philosophy tickling my soul, or an inspirational idea sparking my mind. I am happiest when I evoke my reader (you) into an inner search of your lifestyle, heart or mind.

My romantic suspense books let me entertain. Night and day my imagination feeds my brain stories. I write them down, get them in print and hope you take a vicarious ride with my protagonists through the amusement park of my plot. My goal is eliciting a belly laugh, an eye rolling groan, a cry of fear, the heat of anger or a swoon of sexy endorphins in you.

I write so my readers know they are not alone. My books and pieces on chronic disease proffer my experience on living with Crohns, along with the knowledge gained, and the challenges overcome of many other people dealing with physical and mental health problems. When you comment, you support them.

Good or bad, a comment moves my goals forward. Whether you argue my theory on Facebook, write a glowing review on Amazon, or share your experience of the topic on my blog, I benefit. I learn from you. Your thoughts on my remarks make others think, maybe even share. Your reviews cause other readers to read my books: your criticism stimulates discussion. All has a purpose. You are the one thing a writer must have – comments are the bonus.


  1. Serge
    Mar 30, 2022

    Here hoping my comment on commenting on comments will come to you.

  2. Katharine Langille
    Mar 30, 2022

    You’ve been commenting for me, to me, for decades now. I value and look forward to your insights, you always come from love. Keep on writing and I’ll keep on commenting, in all ways and forms.

    • Madelon
      Apr 12, 2022

      Your words inspire me, not only to write, but to find a better me in the process. Thank you.

  3. Dennis
    Mar 31, 2022

    A very nice insight into what it means to you. I have never looked at the many sides of your writing. It has many facets. A new education! Thank you.

  4. Dianne Greenlay
    Apr 5, 2022

    Madelon, I enjoy your outlook on all things writing. I know those feelings of struggling to maintain writing momentum. Hang in there!

    • Madelon
      Apr 12, 2022

      Thanks for the encouragement, Dianne. Working on a novel. Writing always gives me a thrill.

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