With a promise to myself flaming brightly in my mind, I wrote my way through December 31, determined to complete my first draft of High Ground before the clock struck midnight. At 8:05 I wrote word 69,682 – the last word. I didn’t even realize a new year waited in the wings to make her grand entrance. Elation pillow fought exhaustion. I called it a draw and prepared to flop onto my bed and let the siren call of sleep seduce me.

My husband walked into the room and commented on the New Year’s Eve entertainment. In disbelief, I realized I’d not only lost track of the day, but the date. Determined to celebrate the new year ahead, I resorted to watching fireworks from Niagara Falls on TV.  While, I waited through those last hours, I reviewed all I’d accomplished in 2013, despite setbacks outside my control. I set off my own firework display, bright explosions of publishing two new books, Climbing High and I Am That I am ; and the colorful burst of my next romantic suspense,  High Ground. Elated I had ended my year so successfully, I dived into Morpheus’ arms.

A new year unfurls, undulating in anticipation’s breeze. I plot my story like I would any of my books. I Etch in the scenes I plan to live out, include some fascinating characters, make room for the unexpected and those things I can’t control. Balance is a priority, moderation a must. I look forward to living it out moment by moment, fully alive. It will happen.

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