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Madelon is a founding member of the Prairie Quills Writers’ Group. She served as President for nine years. The mandate of the group is to support its members to write, publish and read at events; and enable other writers in the community. The group produces an anthology every second year. Fifty percent of the profits from the anthology go toward providing writing workshops and programs for young writers. The group established Listening Circle at the local library, mentored a public school writing program, read monthly at the senior centres and celebrate each year with a Gala event at the library. See more here.


Madelon is a member of SWG (Saskatchewan Writers Guild). She appreciates the support services they offer online, from workshops, writing markets, and info on members; as well as the monthly Freelance offering information on events, new publications by members and articles on writing. See her author’s page here.


Madelon takes great pleasure from enabling other writers to reach their writing goals. Several of the projects she helped with are below and available through the links.

prime_cutsNoel McNaughton – Prime Cuts

Excerpt: This book is about how we, in agriculture, can create a rewarding life. After all, what is a farm or ranch for if not to support us while we learn, grow and experience the trials and joys of the human journey?

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a_harley_for_my_wifeNoel McNaugton – A Harley or My Wife

Excerpt:  You are in a MIDLIFE TRANSITSIon. You are not alone, and there is nothing wrong with you. It is, however, a tricky time and it is easy to make mistakes that you will regret later. This book will guide you on your midlife journey. read more



we_are_still_hereCJ Beuler – We Are Still here





Contact: j26uhler@gmail.com

song_catcherAline Perret-Vallee – Songcatcher