I’m at the age where I have a lot of single women friends, all facing Christmas dinner alone. This seems like a tragedy, but when you consider these women’s lives, eating alone is the norm. Will they make it different because it’s Christmas, bemoan not being invited to someone else’s table, or the opportunity to cook for their family? As in all things, choices are diverse, and widows, divorcee’s and single people will probably run the gambit. One will set a beautiful table for one and treat herself to fine dining delivered to her home. Another might do pick-up of her favourite junk food and combine veg out on the couch with a movie. One woman I know will cook a full turkey dinner, then deliver hot meals to her single friends. Yes, and sadly several will let the sadness of a Covid-19 Christmas take control. A few will ignore Christmas completely – something they do every year.

One thing I know from looking over my single friends, men, or women. They are used to being alone, like their independence and life has made them strong. Losing a spouse, moving to a warm location away from children and friends, taking on the next stage of life, has tested them. They value their freedom. As much as they enjoy the company of family at Christmas, even more precious is their independence – something that comes at a cost this year. They are resilient, used to meeting the unexpected and coping. They are determined to live the life they want, and they have discovered over the years they are their own best company.

So, hurrah for the single as he or she lifts a glass, knitting needles, or ski tips and makes the most of the day.

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  1. Barbara
    Dec 25, 2020

    Wish I was having a romantic Christmas dinner for two. One more reason to count your blessings. All you couples out there take a moment out there to look in each other’s eyes and find the best.

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