Today I start the next book in the trilogy I have dubbed The Three Wise Men. The first book, Climbing High, featured Jacob (Jake) who fell in love with Siree. This book, High Ground, will tell Joshua’s (Josh) story and Samuel will get the final book High Seas for his own adventure into love.

I plan to complete the book by the end of the month. Writing a full length novel, for me, means full immersion writing. I try to clear everything else from my schedule, don’t take phone calls during writing hours, sit down at the same time each morning and end my day approximately the same time late afternoon. Lunch – well, that happens when I emerge from whatever scene I’m working on mid-day. Usually, it’s more of a stretch break and pit stop than a re-fueling.

Writing, aside from downhill skiing is the most stimulating thing I do. When I let go of the thinking process (I plot days ahead) and just let the story flow out of me, I feel connected to some great creative power. It takes over and I become merely the instrument putting the words into the computer. When I go back and read my work weeks later, I am often amazed at what I’ve written and the quality of it.

Of course there are other days when I slog away, mired in cliché and the mundane. I put in the time, but know the force isn’t with me! I will end up re-writing most of it, when I edit. However, the scene is implanted in my subconscious and it works out the rough spots while I sleep and presents me with something new and exciting when I’m ready for it.

So with the ground work (no pun intended) already laid down in my brain, I start High Ground, feeling the excitement of standing at the top of a great ski run and poling off. I pick up speed, make my first turn, my senses fully alive. To arrive safely at the end of my run, I will have to meet the challenges of the terrain and the unexpected. I slide to a stop exhilarated, high on adrenaline. Nothing can beat the thrill of writing! It happens.

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