I spent from January fourth to April 25 waiting to hear if High Ground will be accepted by my publisher. After a nudge, well, gentle shove – okay push – I finally received a response from her. It’s not the one I wanted. She is asking for changes before she offers a contract. Now, I’ve been here before, and as I started having misgivings and imagining a better way to write several parts of the book while I was waiting for her response, I believe her request has teeth. I just wish they weren’t biting into my ass…pirations!

I’m used to making changes for editors. I welcome their constructive criticism, because I know they help me make my book better. So I’m good with re-working these areas. I’m not good with submitting a less than “my best” book. So here in lies the lesson. I knew in my gut High Ground didn’t feel quite right. I worried about not introducing the female protagonist till page eight, and said several times the fact that the suspense is based on computer programming slows the pace. So why did I submit?

Like a trapeze artist in full swing, I was caught up in the success of Climbing High and responding to my readers request for the next story in the series. I wanted to somersault High Ground safely into the hands of my editor. I kept the trapeze swinging, my momentum going and made the leap between blank page and finished product in haste. My decision did not turn out well. Instead of a beautifully executed double twist to my catcher, I missed the reaching hands and fell clumsily into the net.

If you’re expecting me to be still lying staring at the top of the tent, you’ve guessed wrong. After only a brief moment to reorient, I bounced up, flipped myself over the edge of the net to solid ground and I’m heading fast for the ladder. I’ll clasp my trapeze with determined hands and start swinging again, because I know High Ground will be a great book, if I focus on the details, listen to my gut, and only re-submit when I know I will wow the crowd with an attention grabbing fete.

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