Chronic Challenge

Chronic Challenge

Chronic Challenge (Madelon Smid)

An ‘invisible autoimmune disease’ challenges you, not only with its physical symptoms, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Looking perfectly healthy, but coping with many symptoms that debilitate, you face scepticism from the medical community and your family, and the societal stigmas that come with many of these diseases.

The challenge then, is to seek, then accept your diagnosis, so you can adjust and begin making the changes that will help you lead a full and rewarding life, despite your disease.

The people interviewed for this book, have lived a minimum of ten years with their disease. They offer up advice, tips and anecdotes with which anyone with an autoimmune disease can relate. They inspire, amuse and inform the reader – showing you how to reclaim your life. Their words speak equally to those with disabling injuries or limitations caused by aging, heart disease, or diabetes.

The book offers those with chronic conditions and those who support them a blueprint for making life rich and rewarding again.

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