Sky High

Sky High

Anna Winje arrives in Hong Kong as the new Consul General for Norway. Negotiating the largest shipping deal, in the history of the two countries, places Anna in a vulnerable position. With her life endangered, she bravely protects her country’s interests.

Powerful industrialist, Anton Zhang, heads the largest corporation involved in the deal. He protects the highly intelligent diplomat at the request of his government, taking Anna to his island compound. Together, they withstand escalating attacks – unclear who is the target and who the enemy. Close proximity and danger build into a potent attraction that increases the stakes.

Anton’s love for the courageous Anna is instant and all consuming, but, she does not believe she can attract and hold the brilliant younger man. Anna will sacrifice her deal and her life if it will keep Anton alive. While Anton vows he will safeguard not only her life, but her heart, if she will pledge it to him.


“Anton.” She whispered. Her tongue stroked moisture over her lips. “Anton. Someone shot me.” Disbelief darkened her eyes.

“I have you, Anna. You’re safe. Just hold on till the emergency medics get here.” Ruthlessly he tore six inches off the bottom of her knee length skirt and formed a thick pad.

She bit into her plush bottom lip, as he pressed hard against the wound. He wished he could absorb her pain into himself. Sweat trickled in a line down his spine, but he knew she’d die if he didn’t slow the bleeding.

Her breathing became harsher. Had the bullet meant for him nicked her lung? He wretched his mind back from self-blame. Anna needed his total attention.

Her fingers fluttered above the wound, her eyes questioning. “Am I going to die, Anton?”

He grasped her blood stained fingers in one hand, noted her chilled flesh. “No. I won’t let you die,” he promised.


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